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Free Photoshop Tutorials in 5 Levels

Level 1 - Basic Tools & How to Use Them
                 (16 Tutorials & 16 Videos)

Level 2 - Tools Expanded
                 (10 Tutorials & 10 Videos)

Level 3 - Photoshop for the Photographer
                 (13 Tutorials & 8 videos)

Level 4 - Photoshop for the Graphic Artist
                 (11 Tutorials)

Level 5 - Photoshop for the CAD & 3D User
                 (2 Tutorials)


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About the Photoshop Tutorials:

This web site has been created to provide lessons and training for Photoshop. This is the best site to get a free Photoshop course! The lessons are divided into progressive levels and teach the software in an organized, structured layout which makes it easier to learn at your own pace. I believe the design makes it easier to find the information needed for your Photoshop training. If you have any comments about the site, please let us know.

About the authors:

Cindy Chinn has been working with computer graphics since before the days of Photoshop and has created professional graphics for over 20 years. Art Whitton has been working with Photoshop and Digital Photography for over 10 years. Both have taught computer graphics and now bring their experience to you.

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