4 : What Makes a Good Graphics Design?

Tutorial 4-1 Introduction to Graphic Layout
Tutorial 4-2 Designing a "For Sale" Flyer
Tutorial 4-3 Designing a Logo
Tutorial 4-4 Creating an Animation
Tutorial 4-5 Web Buttons and Rollovers
Tutorial 4-6 Animated Web Banners
Tutorial 4-7 Website Design
Tutorial 4-8 Graphics for Screen Printing
Tutorial 4-9 Business Card Design
Tutorial 4-10 Building an Ad for Print
Tutorial 4-11 Working with Clipart
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4-10 : Building an Ad for Print

Sometimes you need to get the word out
Does anyone read the newspaper anymore? Yeah, I suppose we do... especially in Small Town America where it's the only place to get local news. Ad's come in different sizes and different prices, depending on where you want to place them, this could be in a magizine or newsletter. The more popular the publication, the higher price. Will it be Black & White or Full Color?

We're going to talk about building a small ad for a local newspaper.


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Coming Soon


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